holy week 2024

Holy week is ordered to the commemoration of the Christ's passion, death and resurrection, beginning with

His Messianic entrance into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), 

continuing with the Last Supper (Holy Thursday), 

His passion, crucifixion and death (Good Friday), 

His repose in the tomb (the great silence and fast)  

all culminating with The Great Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday) 

and The Feast of the Resurrection (Easter Sunday).

Christians are invited to make this journey with Jesus

and allow His grace to save them.  

  • Holy Thursday

    (No Morning Mass)

    8:30 AM - Morning Prayer & Office of Readings

    7:00 PM - Mass of the Lord's Supper (followed by procession to the Altar of Reposition & Adoration)

    10:00 PM - Night Prayer (Msgr. Marron Hall)

    The Great Silence begins, as Adoration ends.

  • good friday

    (No Morning Mass, the Great Silence continues.)

    8:30 AM - Morning Prayer & Office of Readings          

    12:00 Noon – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

    7:00 PM – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion           (The Great Silence continues.)

  • Holy Saturday

    (No Morning Mass, the Great Silence continues)


    8:30 AM - Morning Prayer & Office of Readings


    (No 4:00 PM Mass)  

    8:00 PM - The Great Easter Vigil

    (due to the length of this service, 2-1/2 + hours,           it is not recommended for small children)

  • easter sunday

    Mass - 8:00 AM

    Mass - 10:00 AM

    Mass - 12:00 Noon

    Mass - 6:00 PM