Rite of christian initiation for adults

The Way To Become Catholic (or at least find out what its all about!) Are you interested, or do you know someone who is interested in the Catholic Church?

It is our greatest joy, as well as our mission as a Catholic community, to continually welcome new members. 

The RCIA is a process of formation, study and prayer for those interested in learning about and experiencing the Catholic faith tradition. 

The process is designed for individuals who are not baptized, those baptized in other Christian traditions, and baptized Catholics who never received the sacrament of Eucharist and/or Confirmation. 

It is a faith journey that encourages individuals to broaden and deepen their prayer life, to know God through the scriptures, to come to know themselves more fully and to actively participate in parish and community activities.

You are welcome at any time, many individuals begin the process late summer/early fall and are able to celebrate full sacramental initiation at the Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday Night) the following spring.

Parish members are invited to become directly involved by sponsoring a candidate. We also encourage and invite all who may be interested, to come and see what living life as a committed Catholic Christian can mean to you.

Deacon Mike Hidalgo  (562)943-3993

To Accompany

For parishioners or family members who wish to accompany a candidate on their R.C.I.A. journey (also called "sponsors or godparents") welcome! 

Please contact the R.C.I.A. team to learn what is required of you, the schedule for discernment meetings, your catechetical and formation sessions, as well as the rites calendar.