From the desk of Father ed

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Two moments stand out in this week’s Bible readings for Mass. The first is the image of “light” that shatters darkness and is used to describe the Lord as our salvation. The second is the “call” to follow Jesus.

All of us encounter, at some point along our journey, a “darkness or gloom”. And we are often aware of others, especially those we love, when they are encountering their “darkness”. It is in this moment that we need to call out to the Lord to light our way forward, to save us; and if we cannot do that for ourselves, then we need to enlist those we love in praying for us. 

The pandemic was/is a two-edged sword. On one hand, many people became isolated, on the other hand many people came to realize the gift of their family and friends who truly loved them. No one should have to face “darkness or gloom” alone, no one should try to do so without the Lord. 

When that part of your journey occurs, and it will, be humble, ask for help. Trust in God, our light and salvation. Solicit the power of prayer from two or more family members, friends or parishioners. For we have seen a great light!

And regarding the second point, consider your vocation this week, your “call”. Reflecting on your vocation goes far beyond thinking about your job or the tasks that are asked of you. No, your vocation goes to the very heart of “Why, for what divine purpose, did God create me?” It is certainly revealed in your relationships, as man, woman, parent, child, son, daughter, husband, wife; but there is more. 

You are part of God’s plan of salvation. Are you aware of how your life is called to fulfill the divine purpose of salvation (for you and for others)? Your Baptism was only the beginning – you are a child of God. Your Confirmation was only a beginning – you are anointed with the Holy Spirit for ongoing strength. Your weekly reception of the Lord’s Body & Blood is the sustenance you need to fulfill this divine purpose.

Return in prayer to why you were created. Use the graces of the Sacraments to “answer the call”. In doing this you will be living in the light that shatters the darkness. You will receive light and be a light to others. Ours is indeed, a wonderful vocation and one that so many people in our world need us to fulfill.

As always, I wish you peace. – Fr. Ed