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catholic community!

This is who we are, and why we exist: at Beatitudes of Our Lord Parish, we use our enthusiastic love and deep faith to serve Christ and each other, so that the Body of Christ may grow in our parish, our community, our homes, and in the heart of every person.

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Protecting God's Children for Adults (Initial Training)


Keeping the Promise Alive (Recertification Only) 

A disciple's prayer practice



A process for seeing the good work of God, to strengthen our heart, and the heart of others on the journey.

Two Foundational Truths:

  •        God is always present, everywhere.
  •        God is always acting for our good or the good of another.

Always present, everywhere; always acting for the good.

  •         There has never been a moment, situation, circumstance, good or bad in your life journey that God was not present.
  •         God is always acting for our good or the good of another; it is His nature.
  •         Consider the moments that have taken place in your journey thus far.
  •         No two people have exactly the same journey, but God is with them.
  •         What is your journey like?


  • Take a moment to consider the events of the last 24 hours.  
  • Focus on one moment that “stands out” .
  • Reflect upon what lesson God wanted you to learn through that event? 
  • What is/was its “meaning”? 
  • What was the good that God is/was trying to communicate to you?
  • Is there anyone one in your life right now that might need to hear about that good? 
  • If yes, look for a time to simply share what God has done for you. 
  • If, not at this time, hold the “lesson, the good” in your heart and be ready to share it when a person needs to hear it; or you need to be reminded of it.

YOU may contact the rectory via email at: boloffice@ca.rr.com   or   call 562-943-1521

Request for prayer

We are the family of God, united in Christ and strengthened by the Spirit! Each member of the body then is called to intercede (pray) for the holy ones. Please let us know of your prayer request.

Beatitudes of our lord

Parish Retreat

september 2024

You are invited to attend a Parish Retreat, beginning on Friday, Sept. 13th at 6:30pm to 9:30pm and continuing on Saturday Sept. 14th from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

It is our hope that every parishioner would be able to attend one of our Parish Retreats. This retreat will be repeated each month, Sept. 2024 thru May of 2025.

We have room for 90 participants each month. Please click HERE to reserve your place.