Church of the Beatitudes of Our Lord

13013 S. Santa Gertrudes Avenue, 

La Mirada, CA  90638

Church of the Beatitudes of Our Lord 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

We have received many inquiries regarding "when will our Parish Church open for public services"; especially after recent comments by the President. In our government, it is States and Counties that have the responsibility for Public Health.  In California and the County of Los Angeles, we are not able to legally open at this time.  Our Archbishop and all the Bishops of California have been in continuous dialogue as to how and when to safely open our Churches. Please be patient, supportive and kind.  

At the Parish level we too have been planning how to open and clean our churches between each service.  We are looking to replace ministers with those who are not at the greatest risk.  But at this point, we cannot even source the cleaning agents necessary to sanitize our church. We want to be ready.  

A majority of our parishioners are over 65 with underlying health issues and remain at serious risk. We must do everything possible to protect them.

I ask you to also consider that the majority of priests in the Archdiocese are also over 65 with underlying health issues.  But we will place ourselves at risk, to open up our churches. We will be exposed to hundreds of people over multiple services each Sunday and that is an increased risk of exposure. 

But we will do this because we love you.  We will do this because we want to feed you the Body and Blood of the Lord.  And some of us will die; it has happened elsewhere and it will happen here in Los Angeles.  So, being a Pro-Life Church that believes in the power of the Sacraments to bring us grace, demands that we return as soon as possible and that we do everything possible to do it safely for parishioners and priests.

Pray for all those in leadership, who are responsible for these decisions.  They will answer God, as we all will, at the end of their life.  "What did you do for the least?"

I wish you peace, Fr. Ed

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From Evenings with Your Parish Family 5/13/2020

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