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Dear friends,

This Sunday, November 1st, our Church celebrates All Saints Day!  But last Monday, I was painfully reminded that we are not all saints yet.  On Monday we discovered that the outdoor sound system for our "canvas cathedral" had been stolen! Adding insult to the loss was that it was not only the system owned by the parish, but that our own Steve Morrison had been allowing us to use some of his personal equipment to enable us to have beautiful music and sound!  

So on Monday, having called the Sheriff,  I prepared to celebrate the morning Mass; and it was there that God spoke to my heart.  Being only human, I wanted to be angry. But in my heart I clearly heard the command to pray for whoever committed this crime. 

I was challenged to consider how desperate a person would have to be to steal from a church.  Perhaps they were never given the opportunity to develop their conscience, perhaps they are dealing with alcoholism or a drug addiction, perhaps they are homeless or are among the over 1 million people who are currently behind on their rent or mortgage; but clearly they were/are desperate and/or lack a moral sense of right and wrong. 

Don't get me wrong, it was both a sin and a crime (and I will support law enforcement and any potential prosecution) but, in light of us all facing judgment for our sins at the end of life, let's pray for the conversion of the sinner and a heart that knows God. We still have much work to do, transforming sinners into saints!

I hope you have signed up to join us on Monday Evening for our All Souls Day Mass at 6:30 PM. In a special way we will pray for all those we buried from the Church of the Beatitudes from last November 2nd to this November 1st.  You were/are also invited to write the names of your deceased relatives and friends to be lifted up in hope of the resurrection.  It is a solemn night, but one filled with hope, please join us.

A reminder that all the names on our parish prayer list are removed on the 30th of each month.  If you would like to continue to have a name on our list, please call the Parish Office and we will be happy to place it on the November List.

Also, November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: MEN GET YOUR CHECK UP! We have a responsibility to God and to those who love us to take care of our bodies.  Be the Husband, Father, Son, Brother or Friend you need to be; serve God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength!

As always, I wish you peace.  - Fr. Ed

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