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My Dear Friends in Christ,

We now know that our beautiful public celebrations of Holy Week and Easter will not take place in our Parish Churches.  This is a great sadness to all of us. But, the walls of our church will still be sanctified by the humble worship of our deacons and myself celebrating them for you, our parish family. We will keep the hours, we will offer the prayers, we will pray with hope; remembering you and the love God has for all of us. These are still "days of salvation" and we will hold fast to them!  

I have prepared a "Worship Guide for the Home for Holy Week and Easter". You may access that "script and instruction" by clicking on this link:


Please do.  It would be encouraging to know that as we pray, alone in our church, that we are not alone!  That you are praying with us and for us.

I am most grateful to our Staff for reaching out to our parishioners by telephone, to make sure you are safe, to hear your needs and concerns, to update your information and to pray with you. I continue to offer private, daily Mass for all of you and carry your needs to the altar of God.  Please pray for me.  We also need to continue our prayer to God for all health care workers, those on the front line of this battle and our emergency responders. 

I am most grateful to you who have signed up for On-line Giving, It is helping to stabilize our income during this very uncertain time. I am keeping the Finance Council appraised of our situation and making difficult decisions as needed.

That financial reality may have affected some of you too. If that is the case and you need some assistance with food; I do have non-perishable food bags prepared by our Good Samaritan Food Pantry that I can distribute. Do not hesitate to call if that is your need.  All of us need to take care of each other, especially now!

I wish you all a blessed Holy Week and Easter. I hope the Worship guide I prepared can draw you more intimately into the Heart of Jesus and make you more aware of His redeeming Love.

I wish you peace, Fr. Ed

The Archdiocese will provide a livestream of non-public Holy Week and Easter Masses from the Cathedral of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, visit

And please sign up for On-Line Giving, click on the link below.  It is frightening to note that our expenses are continuing with no Sunday collection.  Your help is needed now, more than ever.