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La Mirada, CA. 90638
From the Desk of Fr. Ed 

Dear friends in Christ,

It seems like autumn might finally be upon us, dare I hope? I am always grateful for this time of year. It is filled with opportunities for us to gather as family and friends. Routines are now back in place after summer distractions and a certain rhythm brings comfort to my spirit. I hope it is so for you as well.

Our children and their families are slowly making their way through the Sacrament of First Reconciliation, please continue to pray for them in this great and wonderful moment of their spiritual journey.

A word of thanks to Laura, our business manager, our Finance Council and Apple, our Bulletin Editor for their efforts to produce a clear and concise monthly Financial update for our Bulletin. I hope that with each September’s full accounting of the previous Fiscal Year End Report and the Projected Upcoming Year, coupled with a full mid-fiscal year report printed in February and adding the month to month reports each 3rd Sunday of the month in the bulletin that we are fulfilling our responsibility for full transparency. Pray for all of this good work, the members of your Finance Council do all of this work out of love and care for our parish, pray for them!

Related to our finances, my apologies to those who received, in error, the letter regarding “no record of giving”. It seems that a few mistakes were made (I only received news of errors from 5 out of the 1067 parishioners who had no record of giving). I apologize for those errors and I hope we have corrected the problems. If you did receive the letter in error and have not yet contacted us, please call so we can get to the bottom of it and be as accurate as possible in our record keeping. It is important to me and to the parish. Those who financially make possible the ministries we offer and hope to offer in the future, deserve to be thanked! You are a blessing.

This weekend and next, you are invited to bring copies of photos of your deceased family and friends for the children of our school to incorporate into our ‘dia de los muertos’ altar. If you would like the photo returned, please clearly make your name and phone number on the back to we can make sure it gets back to you. And remember our Requiem Mass for all our Deceased will be celebrated on Saturday, November 6th at 4:00 pm. Please invite family and friends for the evening.

As always, I wish you peace. – Fr. Ed

Monday, November 1


Mass 6:30 am, Mass 8:30 am  & Mass 6:30 pm                                 


Tuesday, November 2


Mass 8:30 am & Mass 6:30 pm

Mass 10:00 am – Queen of Heaven Cemetery                                   

You are dead to sin and alive for God. It is Divine Mercy and Divine Love that are now at work in you.