Year I - Parent/Family Preparation

A child's journey to the Eucharist, begins with the parents journey, diving deeper into their faith and building their relationships with the parish family. Over the course of this year, parents meet for faith sharing, basic Catholic teachings and fellowship with other parents; as well as gathering at weekly Sunday Masses with their children, family, godparents and grandparents.

year ii - reconciliation

Having grown in love of family, God and the worshiping community at Beatitudes of Our Lord, the family now enters into a year of preparation and celebration of the Sacrament of Mercy. In the first half of this year, it is parents who come to know and celebrate the Sacrament for themselves. In the second half of the year, they are guided, and support each other, in leading their child to the Sacrament and celebrating it with them, approximately every two months, to firmly root them in the gift of frequent reception of the Sacrament of  Reconciliation.  

year iIi - eucharist

With the family now rooted in the family of faith and grateful for the gifts of community and mercy; our parents spend the first half of this year diving even more deeply into the truth of Jesus' precious gift of His body and blood - the Eucharist. Sharing with other adults, they then use the final months to prepare their child. It is the family that will continue to support and unfold this mystery in the heart of their child. And we, the community of believers, will accompany them with our support and prayers!