Beatitudes -Returning Catholics


 Welcome Home
Confused Catholic? Hurting Catholic? Inactive Catholic? Alienated Catholic?

If you or someone you know has been away from the Church, is drifting away from it. . .
or has been hurt by the Church. . . or become confused and angry because of a Catholic experience, please consider this invitation to come and talk with us. (Invite your friends too!).  The goal of Welcome Home is to be a safe space for exploring todays Church and its role in relationship to our personal faith journeys. . . to be a bridge leading to a place of freedom where a peaceful and informed choice may be made regarding your relationship to the church  whether full participation and reconciliation, non-participation, or something in-between.  Others have been bridges for us, and we hope to be a bridge for others, as we listen to and journey with those willing to be honest about themselves and their experiences within the church, while striving to remain open to the love, wisdom and promptings of Christ.
Tony Viele (562)943-9984