Beatitudes Pastor


     Father Tony came to Beatitudes in February, 1998 it's always amazing how God does what God does. The connections between Fr. Page and Beatitudes may seem obscure, but they are there.
     As a young altar server, Fr. Page served mass regularly for our founding pastor, Msgr. Marron, when he was the pastor at St. Brigid's parish in Los Angeles.  It was also our founding pastor's letter of recommendation to the seminary which helped Fr. Page's application, and which eventually saw him enter St. John's Seminary in Camarillo.   
     Msgr. Marron also had the honor of preaching at Fr. Tony's first Mass, because of the influence he had on our pastor, Fr. Tony can also remember visiting Fr. Marron here at Beatitudes even before the Rectory was built. As a Deacon, Fr. Tony spent some time at St. Paul of the Cross, here in La Mirada.

     Here's another connection with Beatitudes-Fr. Tony and Fr. Jim (pastor of Beatitudes from 1989-1998) were classmates (1969) and for a few years both were assigned together at one time at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Burbank.

     We've heard that the world is a small place, but some how this indicates to us something much more than coincidence?perhaps, God-incidence.

     Fr. Tony has spent 17 years working in High Schools. He has served two schools at once  Bishop Conaty/Our Lady of Loreto(all girls) and Daniel Murphy(all boys)-as chaplain. He was assigned Administrator at St. Joseph's in Pomona for seven months before he came to Beatitudes.